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Shota Shota Fire Endless Night
Personal blog+Sketch blog. I put stuff I like on here.I really like Akashi. Also utaite, kagepro, pkmn, and all shotas. ^q^q^

Happy August 15th!! 

shota-defense-squad asked : If you are still doing the color palette challenges could you maybe draw Haruka Kokonose with 36?



Kagerou gift doodles for Misurabu ◜ ◒ ◝ )//<3333333

Yeeeeesldfkaskj thank you so much again for the super adorable SetoMary print from AX///// ;////Q////;;;;; All your kagepro pic are such love!!! So so in return I wanted to draw you your fav. kagepeeps! >//^//<bbb I hope you like it! 


1 month ago
writing-fiend asked : Your art is honestly so fantastic @ w@ Do you take requests cause...I would just die if I could have an image of Rin putting his hair into a ponytail but his hair is fairly long @ ~@ And I could write you something if you like in return / w\

Yeh I take requests!! I love that prompt sure thing!! But I’m really slow at drawing, I’ll hopefully do ponytail!Rin justice!! haha I’ll read anything samezuka family related?? Cx

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Happy Birthday Nagisa Shiota!! 

In honor of Nagisa’s birthday, over the past few days, I have worked my hardest at creating 30 Nagisa cookies. (Not all pictured) Can’t wait to eat these cute little assassins uvu 

ittokisunshineotoya asked : #25 or #80 for KuroShin? I missed the days where I used to live in your inbox! And do you have a limit on how many requests I can send you--


No limit on requests haha but I’ll be working on some deadlines/getting busier again so I’ll probably go through these slowly haha but i always have time for kagepro www

momijihyuga804 asked : Do you think you can draw JeanxMarco with #14 please? Thank you! <3

i’ve never drawn marco before but hopefully this is ok ^q^;; 

z04 asked : 80 akakise?


lol this one was pretty hard or maybe i’m just bad at yellows and browns wwww